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Do You Need a(n) SC Tax ID Number?

Most states, including SC, require that you register and obtain tax id number (s) before starting your business.
In South Carolina, most businesses need at least one tax ID number registration.


  • A South Carolina Business Tax Registration ID

  • A South CarolinaState Sales Tax ID Number 

  • A Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)  & 

  • A South Carolina Employer ID Number 


  • Obtain Your Tax IDs Here Online.

    Get a Tax ID, Seller's Permit, DBA, LLC or Incorporation Here Online!

    First, all businesses need a business tax registration occupation license ID (also called a business license).

    all businesses that deal in items that are taxable... and all items one or anyone can touch are taxable, need a sales tax id number which is also called a wholesale tax id, resale id, or wholesale id as well as seller's permit.

    employers must obtain a(n) employer tax id number and a federal tax id number.

    all corporation, LLCs, independent contractors, partnerships, and employers, must obtain a federal tax id number.

    Not Sure What Tax IDs You Need? Take Our Free Tax IDs Quiz:
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    Fifth: If you use a trade name in your Get Tax Numbers Refrigerating Equipment business such as " "ABC Enterprises" " or "O shch", you will need to register that assumed business name. It is called a Murrells Inlet, SC DBA doing business as registration.
    or Georgetown County, SC assumed business name or fictitious business name.
    For instance, here is an example of a(n) SC business that needs a(n) SC tax ID number:
    Q: Get Tax Numbers
    I am an disabled Veteran and refrigeration tech that wants to start selling coolers and refrigerated boxes to bars and resturants. What all do I need?
    toying with the idea of starting a hot tamale business from my home office.
    I have a kitchen at my place of business that has refrigeration, and freezers, do you know what requirements such as licensing, permits etc that are required in Louisiana
    Sorry...I haven't started any business yet, but am interested in a survival products website
    I would hopefully have a blog as well. I have a masters in public health and want to have a blog as well writing about survival for people who have health issues too, like a diabetic that would need refrigeration for insulin, etc. I would like to drop ship for a few survival product companies too
      Home Based Business Refrigerating Equipment Murrells Inlet 29576   SC
    A:   Georgetown County  
    Q: Does a Sole Proprietorship Need an EIN?
    A: Sole owners don't need it unless they are employers but still can get an EIN and use it instead of a ss# to separate from the busienss.
    Q: When You Might Need a New EIN
    A: If you become a partnership, corproration or LLC, you will need an EIN.
    Q: How do I apply for a Federal Tax ID (EIN) Number?
    A: You can apply for a Federal Tax ID (EIN) Number here online. We obtain it for you from the IRS and give it to you on the same day you order it.
    Q: How do I obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)?
    A: To obtain a Federal EIN, you need to have either a Social Security Number or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). If you don't have a Social Security Number, we can help you get an ITIN with a Form W-7. You still need to notarize and file it in person, however.
    Q: What is the difference between nonprofit and tax-exempt status?
    A: The difference between nonprofit and tax-exempt status is that a tax-exempt status at the state level can be either for income tax and or sales tax. However, at the federal level, one get exemption from organizational gross income.
    Q: Do I need a tax-exempt number for my organization?
    A: There is no such thing as a tax-exempt number. The way it works is you file for a non profit corporation, obtain a federal tax id number and file for a state and federal tax exemption status.
    Q: Does my LLC need an EIN?
    A: Employers corporations LLCs Joint Ventures and those that will hire an independent contractor earning more than $600 a year need to have an EIN? ,
    Q: How to change my tax id number with the irs?
    A: In most cases, you don't need to change it but just get another one for another business..
    Q: How do I apply for a tax identification number?
    A: You can apply for a tax identification number here online. We obtain it for you from the IRS and give it to you on the same day you order it.
    Q: What is an employer id?
    A: As opposed to an employer tax number that pays withholding tax, a sales tax id number is for collecting taxes and paying the state.
    Q: How do I obtain a tax ID number for business?
    A: The only business tax ID numbers are an IRS number, a State Employer ID number and a State ID number and you can obtain them here online.
    Q: What is a form SS-4?
    A: An SS-$ is an IRS federal Number Application Form.

    In addition, in Charleston, partnerships must obtain a SC Fictitious business name registration AND a
    federal tax ID number to identify the partnership with a
    DBA registration assumed business name. Doing business in South Carolina in any city such as Columbia,  , Columbia, State of South Carolina renders you liable to law suits. Most business advisors recommend that you incorporate in SC or form a(n) SC LLC.
    Asked on: 9/21/2016 1:11 PM
    By: Ashely
    I want to rent a booth at a craft boutique. There will be no employees other than myself. I make the items in my booth.  If a customer wants to make a purchase they take the item to the register. The owner of the boutique takes a commission and I am cut a check for the rest. Do I need to file for a business name and a tax id#?
    9/21/2016 1:11 PM
    Asked on: 9/20/2016 8:58 PM
    By: Ivan Ballard
    I was wondering whether mobile businesses would require a business license.
    Okay. Do I also need a home permit? Why can't I just obtain a business license and avoid receiving a home permit? I'm not doing any business related activity at home. I can provide my address on the business license form and receive mail there.
    hello, i am trying to resell clothing in the state of mississippi
    okay. i am reading everything you have sent.
    hold on one second please. why is it so much i just want to start a buisness
    We are starting a business in MO and will have a large online presence. We are looking to sell homemade soaps and I am looking into what licenses, forms, etc. I will need to get started.
    Excellent. Thank you for all your help. I will start working on them now.
    9/20/2016 8:58 PM
    Asked on: 9/20/2016 8:56 PM
    By: Yasir Haider
    What do I need in order to get Sales and Use tax permit/ ID for an Outlet Jewelry store what do I need to make my handmade jewelry business legal? I sell it out of my home and on my website I plan on setting up booths at festivals and flea markets but I'm not sure what I need to make that possible.
    Okay. So I want to sell custom Jewelry online and in person
    I want to open an online shop for jewelry. Do I need a business license?
    So I need a business license and a DBA tax id number.
    what is the difference in a dba or llc. It is just me in the business just starting out.
    Hi, yes I am making jewelry out of my home . Do I need a sellers permit and tax id no to sell? How do I start? I'm in Missouri.
    HI, I'd like to start selling my jewelry in boutiques and online. I currently have no wholesale or business license. What do I need as a home based operation?
    I'm a vendor with a small home based jewelry store and do trade markets and sell through Instagram.
    9/20/2016 8:56 PM
    Asked on: 9/20/2016 8:53 PM
    By: Cheryl
    I am applying for a GET and TA as  Sole Proprietors, and on the form they are asking for a number beginning with a W.  What is that? I will take that quiz. Michael J Regan, no business name yet, mjr20om 9073425912 anchorage, ak 99501 1020 w 12th ave ste 611, box 166 anchorage, alaska 99501
    Okay, im going to read all the messages we have talked about, and start the process, okay. Is that a good way to start???
    What would I need to open a shop in West Wendover nevada?
    If I'm running the place do I need a state EINSo I don't need the DBA since I'll be filing under an LLC?
    So I'll use LLC as the business name?
    So I do need the DBA since I will have a specific name for the place
    I want to start a business and need to proper licencing.
    hello im trying to find out the federal laws for opening up a vape store in michiang and im not finding anything
    a DBA is a lisence that if a couple opens a store, im opening it up with a friend
    9/20/2016 8:53 PM
    Asked on: 9/20/2016 8:53 PM
    By: Kathy
    I have an EIN# but have changed my name (divorce). How do I change the name associated with my EIN? I just need a blank resale cerificae for one of my offices to sign just trying to read on was i need to do to open a vape store in waycross, ga just trying to read on was i need to do to open a vape store in waycross, ga yes thank it is giving me infomation. question is how it works. I'm trying to read. so i do not have to a business address? i have found a location but i don't have anything in writing yet because i want to make sure i have license and permits first if i need that looking to start a vape/hookah cafe/lounge in iL hello. how do I do a business licene search for a vap shop in Naperville. Hi. I need to determine who is on a business license for a vap and smoke shop in Naperville. Im a police detective trying to find the license holder for a shop. I don't need to get a licesne. Well kinda I want to get my license so I can continue to order vape juice online. I want to start an online retail sellers permit and how do i get an EIN? Various vaping products and aromatherapy essential oils I want to start an LLC, I NEED A BUSINESS LICENSE FOR SELLING ONLINE, AN EIN AND A WHOLESALE BUYERS SELLER PERMIT, HOW DO I GET THOSE?Could you list the steps i need to do. I.e. quiz, license etc, im brand new at this
    9/20/2016 8:53 PM
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