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  • A Business Tax Registration ID

  • A  State Sales Tax ID Number 

  • A Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)  & 

  • A State Employer ID Number 


    Obtain Your Tax ID Number, Licenses, DBA LLC and OR Incorporation, Here, Online!


    All businesses need a business license and a federal tax ID Number.
    In addition: If you will sell taxable items, you will also need a seller's Permit (Sales Tax ID Number).
    Furthermore, if your business will be an employer, it will need a federal EIN and a State Employer ID Number (EIN) for employment tax withholding.
    Finally: All businesses need an a business tax ID number.
    You cannot open a bank account a business tax ID number.

  • Tax Id Number Filings:
  • Obtain Any Tax ID Number, LLC, Business License or Corporation -- Here Online.

    Here's what we do:

  • We research business tax id numbers, licenses, permits, and tax registration requirements for your type of business at any location(s), and apply on your behalf for every tax id number and tax registration.
    We fill out and prepare all the tax id forms, pay the fees, and make sure that everything is filed with the proper government agency.
    Just submit an online form, and relax while we work to get your tax id number and deliver the actual tax id number or tax permits you may need directly to you.

    Here Are The Tax  ID Number(s) & Other Registrations Required When Starting a Business


    Tax Id Number Information:

    Here's how to apply and get a tax id number: Apply for a Federal business tax ID number or a state tax id number online quickly and easily. You’ll receive your number, in some cases on the same day!

    You Need The Following  Tax Id Numbers and Permits to Start your Business:

    1. All businesses need a business tax id registration number also called a business license.
    2. All businesses that want to buy wholesale ( i.e., buy without paying taxes), or sell retail and collect taxes,  need a State Sales Tax Id Number also called a seller's permit or resale tax id number.
    3. All businesses that have employees, need a federal tax id number ( also called an irs number) and a state employer tax id number.
    4. All businesses are advised to get a federal tax id number and use it as a business id number.  Note that a federal tax id number is also a federal employer number as well as a business id number.
    5. All corporations, partnerships, and llcs, are required to get a federal tax id number to use as a business tax id ( though, even sole proprietors can use it as a business tax id number if they so choose).

    When trying to get your tax id numbers to start your business, you'll need these:

    • Federal employer ID number (FEIN), if you are an employer or corporation. To apply for an FEIN, click here to get it online;
    • Legal name or sole-proprietor name and business address;
    • Business name (DBA), if applicable;
    • NAICS code (North American Industry Classification System). Look up your code on the U.S. Census Bureau's website;
    • Names and Social Security numbers of the sole-proprietor, officers, partners or representatives; and
    • Email address and name of a contact person.
    • WELCOME to our Tax Id Number website for Tax Id Numbers. Here is a listing of our  services, with links to the topics you may be interested in.  If you are starting a business, we will help you and show you how to get a Number for your new small business.
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