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We are NOT affiliated with any government agency.
We are a paralegal legal filings company. We do not sell forms.
We prepare, file, and obtain legal business documents.

We charge a small fee for our service. If you do it yourself, The goverment MAY or MAY NOT charge a fee.
For example, DE charges $100 for sales tax ID but SD has no fee for it.

What We Do That the Government Does Not:

Starting a business requires contacting or going in person to several gov't agencies to file your Tax IDs and register you business.
On this site,simply submit a form with your business info and, for a small service fee, we obtain all or any tax ID or business registration you need to start your business. We find the forms, we complete the forms and we file the with the appropriate government agency. Then we email and or mail you the officially filed Tax ID, DBA, LLC or any certificate you ordered.

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We are NOT affiliated with any government agency.
We are a private tax registration and
business service.


We charge a small fee for our service
to help you get the tax IDs or other
documents. The goverment MAY or
charge a fee depending on the
type of tax ID you need.

For example, the state of
Delaware charges a fee of $100
before issuing a sales tax ID,
Wyoming $59, Nevada $19 plus $100
bond deposit. On the other hand,
South Dacota does not charge a
fee to issue a sales tax ID.

Apart from doing this yourself,
we have the lowest fees to help
you obtain these tax IDs or
other documents such as a DBA,
LLC and licenses.

  Legally Supervised

   Legal Filings

   Low Fee Guaranteed

   Better Than Government or Other Legal Service

Obtain a OH Tax ID Number Online

How to Get a Tax ID Number Tax ID Number Business Tax ID Number Ein Numbers Employer Number Federal Tax ID Number EIN Number IRS Ein Number Tax ID for Business 

Do You Need a(n) OH Tax ID Number?

Most states, including OH, require that you register and obtain tax id number (s) before starting your business.
In Parma, most businesses need at least one tax ID number registration.


  • A Ohio Business Tax Registration ID

  • A OhioState Sales Tax ID Number 

  • A Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)  & 

  • A Ohio Employer ID Number 


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  • First, all businesses need a business tax registration occupation license ID (also called a business license).

    all businesses that deal in items that are taxable... and all items one or anyone can touch are taxable, need a sales tax id number which is also called a wholesale tax id, resale id, or wholesale id as well as seller's permit.

    employers must obtain a(n) employer tax id number and a federal tax id number.

    all corporation, LLCs, independent contractors, partnerships, and employers, must obtain a federal tax id number.

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    Obtain Your Tax IDs Here Online.

    Get a Tax ID, Seller's Permit, DBA, LLC or Incorporation Here Online!
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    Quick Legal Answers.
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    Fifth: If you use a trade name in your Obtain Ohio Tax Id For Llc "Xyz Company" business such as " Celebrate Dance, LLC " or "O shch", you will need to register that assumed business name. It is called a Dublin, OH DBA doing business as registration.
    or Franklin County, OH assumed business name or fictitious business name.
    For instance, here is an example of a(n) OH business that needs a(n) OH tax ID number:
    Q: Obtain Ohio Tax Id For Llc
    Q: I am in Dublin Franklin County in OH, and Hello, I would like to create a Dance  and education, what should I do to level formalities and declarations? Do I need to Obtain Ohio Tax Id For Llc thank you? 

    A: You just need a business license and a federal tax id as well as an LLC certificate filed for your OHiotrade name Celebrate Dance, LLC.  That comes with an llc operating agreement and you can effect all these registrations here online. 
    20 Other   Dublin 43016   OH
    A:   Franklin County Celebrate Dance, LLC Q: Who Needs to Have an EIN? A: Employers corporations LLCs Joint Ventures and those that will hire an independent contractor earning more than $600 a year need to have an EIN? Q: When You Might Need a New EIN A: If you become a partnership, corproration or LLC, you will need an EIN. Q: What is a Federal Tax ID (EIN) Number? A: A Federal Tax ID (EIN) Number is a business tax ID number for corporations employers LLCs and joint ventures. Q: How do I obtain an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN)? A: To obtain a Federal EIN, you need to have either a Social Security Number or an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN). If you don't have a Social Security Number, we can help you get an ITIN with a Form W-7. You still need to notarize and file it in person, however. Q: What is the difference between nonprofit and tax-exempt status? A: The difference between nonprofit and tax-exempt status is that a tax-exempt status at the state level can be either for income tax and or sales tax. However, at the federal level, one get exemption from organizational gross income. Q: I recently formed a limited liability company (LLC). The LLC has no employees. Do I need a separate Federal Tax ID number for the LLC? A: If the LLC has no employees you can use a social security number and you do not need a Federal Tax ID number for the LLC. However you can still obtain one and use it as an LLC business tax ID number.      
    Q: How can I not be sued for business debts? A: You may want to set up an LLC and obtain an IRS tax id number to separate yourself from the business? Q: How to change my tax id number with the irs? A: In most cases, you don't need to change it but just get another one for another business.. Q: How do I obtain irs application for tax id number? A: You can get the actual IRS number here so you will not have to get the application. Q: What is an employer id? A: As opposed to an employer tax number that pays withholding tax, a sales tax id number is for collecting taxes and paying the state. Q: How do I obtain a tax ID number for business? A: The only business tax ID numbers are an IRS number, a State Employer ID number and a State ID number and you can obtain them here online. Q: What is an FEIN? A: An FEIN is a Federal Tax Identification Number that is an IRS business tax id and also an Employer ID Number.

    In addition, in Cleveland, partnerships must obtain a OH Fictitious business name registration AND a
    federal tax ID number to identify the partnership with a
    DBA registration assumed business name. Doing business in Ohio in any city such as Columbus, Columbus, Columbus, State of Ohio renders you liable to law suits. Most business advisors recommend that you incorporate in OH or form a(n) OH LLC.
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