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Do You Need a(n) Idaho Tax ID Number?

Most states, including Idaho, require that you register and obtain tax id number (s) before starting your business.
In Pocatello, most businesses need at least one tax ID number registration.


  • A ID Business Tax Registration ID

  • A IDState Sales Tax ID Number 

  • A Federal Tax Id Number (EIN)  & 

  • A ID Employer ID Number 


  • Obtain Your Tax IDs Here Online.

    Get a Tax ID, Seller's Permit, DBA, LLC or Incorporation Here Online!

    First, all businesses need a business tax registration occupation license ID (also called a business license).

    all businesses that deal in items that are taxable... and all items one or anyone can touch are taxable, need a sales tax id number which is also called a wholesale tax id, resale id, or wholesale id as well as seller's permit.

    employers must obtain a(n) employer tax id number and a federal tax id number.

    all corporation, LLCs, independent contractors, partnerships, and employers, must obtain a federal tax id number.

    Not Sure What Tax IDs You Need? Take Our Free Tax IDs Quiz:
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    In addition, in State of Idaho, partnerships must obtain a Idaho Fictitious business name registration AND a
    federal tax ID number to identify the partnership with a
    DBA registration assumed business name. Doing business in ID in any city such as Nampa,  , Boise, Boise renders you liable to law suits. Most business advisors recommend that you incorporate in Idaho or form a(n) Idaho LLC.
    Asked on: 3/30/2018 11:15 PM
    What is S corporation I am trying to fibd out what website i go on to to pay for my permit, i have inspection ob monday
    I have an ein and business licence, what else do I need?
    do i need a business license for a seller or resale permit?
    do i need a license if i am cutting grass and hauling it awa
    they sa id my city require a ton a paper work WHAT LICENSES SHOILD I APPLY FOR FOR A HOT DOG CART
    i have a small business what does it take to sell kratom out of my store?
    3/30/2018 11:15 PM
    Asked on: 3/30/2018 11:14 PM
    This is for rescued injured small dogs. I would be paying all expenses for I rescued or injured dogs, and only be reimbursed once the dog was ready for new adopted homes. Do I need a kennel license if I own two champion female dogs and two old neutered female dogs and one male dog? And once a year have a litter of puppies and sell them.
    hi am interested in selling some pups from breeding my dogs
    I know .. I see only 2 dogs per home... I have 9...that I have had for several years..
    I dont want to breed as most of my dogs are fixed..I just want to be able to keep them if i buy a home down there..
    3/30/2018 11:14 PM
    Asked on: 3/30/2018 11:13 PM
    i need money to get started  I live in Hawaii, I have a lunch trailer am I still required to register
    I have a very small lunch trailer and need to know what it will take for it to be legal
    I won't be stationary and just drive through for short period of time
    What do I need to start a food trailer in Osceola county Florida
    no, im just trying to get a quote for liscensing in the state of indiana to run a food truck business, would you be able to help?
    Hello, just looking about starting a food truck or trailer in mobile, al
    3/30/2018 11:13 PM
    Asked on: 3/30/2018 11:11 PM
    By: MARK
    WAT DO I NEED 2 GET TAX ID NUMBERMy husband is starting a remodeling company
    Me and my cousin will start the business. What do we need LLC, or DBA?
    Hello. I have recently formed an LLC in Washington State. My business includes the remodeling of condos. Do I need to pay sales tax on materials or subcontracted services associated with the remodeling effort or does supplying my UBI number to the supplier exempt me from paying them the sales tax?
    Yes. Do contractors need a sales tax license and collect sales tax on their projects?Construction - painting, remodeling, dry wall, etc.
    Hello, I need to know the process and the cost to get a remodeling license for a coffee shop.
    I am looking for info on what I need to start a ground keeping business that also provides window cleaning and small handyman services like drywall repair stucco repair no building or remodeling
    3/30/2018 11:11 PM

    You can obtain a tax id here online.

    Click on this link,

    submit your business info,

    select your tax ids, and 

    we will send it to you by 

    email or reg. mail.
    Asked on: 12/3/2017 1:38 AM
    What type of insurance would I need if any at allMy husband and his family are looking to lease property for hunting. We are obtaining insurance as part of the lease agreement and wondered if they should form an LLC with a Hunting Club Name We are not a business, there will be no income;

    they will be paying to lease property to hunt I am a vendor I will like to get a permit for me to sell at the city of glendale in arizona I have my tax and license my businesses name is elotes el Chapo. I am insured and bonded I need a help because I been having problem with couple of city police that they always want to kick me out and I have a license so I want to know how can I get a sidewalk license What kind of insurance do I need for a business run from my home?

    I need the tax id number for D'esopo Funeral Chapel for an life insurance policy form. What all license do I need to get to clean oilfield trailers in NM and tx I have State lixense So right now it's just 2 of us but eventually hoping to have people under us I do have a business.

    its Above and Beyond Ok so it's 2 of us for now no-one working for us yet so which would be better the dba or the llc I need help getting my business started, I have everything I need to get it goingHi, Im in MN.

    Looking for business license for selling/buying wholesale what a guided travel business where we take people on vacations like seniors or people with disabilities? Where can I find a business license for that in the state of MN?

    12/3/2017 1:38 AM
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